Anglesea - Inverloch Comp team
In recent years, Competition Inverloch SLSC has moved forward in leaps and bounds. There are now 3 successful areas of competition that the club has a representation in;

Senior Summer Beach Competition:  This team competes during summer months at carnivals in events such as beach sprints, flags, relays, surf swimming, board and ski paddling and multi-discipline events such as the iron and taplin relays. Competition includes both team and individual events. Click here for more details of events.

Surfboat Competition: There are five competitors to each boat, four of these are rowing and one is the sweep or the person that steers the boat. The aim is to row out and around a designated buoy and back into the shore. The winner is the first boat to cross the finish line or for the boat to run aground.








Senior Winter Competition (IRB Racing)Inflatable Rescue Boat Racing consists of a number of simulated rescue events, with the aim of improving life saving skills through competition. Click here for more details of events.

IRB Punch







Through the hard work of our passionate members, these areas of competition are providing all club members with a fantastic opportunity to experience a whole new aspect of what lifesaving has to offer away from beach patrols. Similarly our members have been able to liaise with and gain many new friends within the lifesaving community at various Local, State and National Championships.

If you are interested in joining one of these teams as a competitor, coach or official, your enquiries should be directed to the following individuals;