Presentation Night – 11th July 2015

Presentation Night Flyer 2014-15 A4

Tower Update

We know you are all concerned about the stability of the tower given amount of beach erosion that has taken place.
The temporary containment which was put in place a few weeks ago has done it’s job protecting the footings form further exposure. Over the last week or so some of this protection has been washed away.
We are investigating options for a more permanent solution and will keep you informed as soon as we have determined the most appropriate steps to take.
We would like to acknowledge and thank Kane Worthy, Anna Kilborn & Tony Price for their ongoing support as we work through this.

ISLSC Tower 11Jun2015

Community Forum – 19 June 2015

Community Forum

Community Family Trivia Night

Family Trivia Night

IRB Racing – Get Involved

Attention all!!
Have you ever wanted to try IRB racing? Well now is your chance! Head down to the club on Saturday the 4th of April at 12:30 to join in on the come and try/ try out time so those who want to be a part of the team can get a chance!
Everyone is in encouraged to come along and give it a try!!
If you would like to be a patient or crew person you will need to have held you crew certificate for at least 3 months by the first competition date which is the 2nd of May
If you want to try driving you will need to have held your drivers for at least a year by the same date!
Would love to see heaps of people there to either try out or just to come and see what racing is all about!
Past team members who want to compete this year will also need to attend!
Let me know if your planning on coming by either facebook messaging me or texting me on 0401073672
Hope to see you there!

Rachel Fraser

IRB Racing - Season Dates

End of Season Clothing Clearance

End of Season Clothing Sale
Easter Saturday at 12.30pm

Final day to purchase any Uniform or clothing items from the Club will be Saturday 4th April @12.30.
We are clearing out a number of limited items (see below). We also have a few remaining Blue Hoodies, children sizes only @ $60 and a few of the popular grey t-shirts, small sizes only @$15.


All other clothing available, drop in on Saturday 4th April for your last opportunity for the season to get your gear.
Any queries please call me on 0430304411.

Ruth Young

Interview with a “Young Gun”

Name: David “Pete” MorrisDavid Morris

Age: 15

Patrol: 2

I have the pleasure of being in David’s patrol, here’s what he had to say about Patrolling!

What’s your favourite thing about the club? The friendly atmosphere and being able to go down to the club and use the boards whenever I want during summer!

What is your Favourite thing about patrol? Being down at the beach and giving back to the community!

If you had to have a favourite position on patrol, where would it be? I enjoy the training rotation, I can practice my board skills! However besides that, I enjoy the new Tower!

What has been your most enjoyable moment at the beach this summer? I really enjoyed water safetying for the nippers during the start of summer and going out and catching waves on the boards with friends!

What does Life Saving mean to you? Patrolling the beach and contributing to the community of course, but also a place where people can come together and enhance skills, create friendships and be exposed to new opportunities!

Nat Jowett

Interview with an “Old Sea Dog”

Name: Tom “Bundy” McMorrowTom McMorrow

Age: 23

Patrol: 5, “The Dustin Martins”

Nat Jowett had a chance to sit down with Tom, He’s got some great views of our Club!

What was the theme for your patrol family dinner? We’ve had two; Woodstock and Mexican Fiesta! Both were a blast.

What’s your favourite thing about the club? The depth of amazing people! Everyone is so inclusive and kind which makes me look forward to coming down to the beach time and time again. The shared passion of life saving is something I value amongst our members.

What is your Favourite thing about patrol? Ahh the serenity. Fortunately we get to provide a public service on my favourite beach in the whole wide world! Whatever the type of weather I always enjoy sitting in the tower, getting my toes wet and going for a rove whilst watching over swimmers in picturesque conditions.

If you had to have a favourite position on patrol, where would it be? Water’s Edge Baby!! The most ideal position at which we are most noticed and appreciated. Besides, what better position is there on a warm summers day? If the weather isn’t desirable, the public sure appreciates the effort!

You’ve had a busy summer, what has been your most enjoyable moment on the beach? Sitting up next to the dunes, playing a bit of guitar whilst watching a ripper of a sunset.

What does Life Saving mean to you? It means a lot. It’s more than a volunteer service, its a culture, a lifestyle, a safe place. Invy’s core values perfectly encompass what Life Saving is about and thats what I love about it.

Not only are they values, but they are traits:

• Inclusive

• Team Orientated

• Healthy Lifestyle

• Encouraging

• Reliable

• Responsible

LSV Under 15 Camp

The Under 15 Leadership Development Camp is a great opportunity for young members of Life Saving Clubs to enhance their leadership skills and further develop interpersonal skills in a safe and supportive environment. Participants are challenged in a number of ways by completing problem solving tasks and trust and teamwork exercises. It’s also an opportunity to meet people from other clubs and make new friends.

The camp took place on the 14th and 15th of March. Invy was well represented by Jack Howlett, Lisa Mildenhall, Sarah Seddon, Madison McDonald, Ella Arnold, Teagan Tom (leader), Patrick Holian, Kate Edney (Leader) & Finn Ballantyne.


Jazz Festival Parade

A fun time was had by all at the Invy Jazz Festival parade held over the long weekend. Fantastic turn out by Patrol 5 and our Nippers! Great to see the rain held out, just!!

Thanks to Inverloch Rotary for their generous donation to the Club.


Koda Blizzard smashes it at States

Well done to Koda Blizzard at Junior State Champs!!

He smashed all of his under 13 events, bringing home 2 golds and 1 silver!
Final results:
Flags: 1st
Sprint: 1st
1km run: 2nd
Swim: 6th
Iron: 4th

Koda was also crowned the State Under 13 Beach Champion

Congratulations superstar!!


January Patroller of the Month

Lucas ChadwickCongratulations to Lucas Chadwick our January Patroller of the Month for his exceptional effort over the summer period!

Lucas has shown some first class enthusiasm towards patrolling this season. His eagerness and “willingness to give it a go” approach is contagious amongst his fellow patrol members!

He has been a key player in his Patrol Family Dinners, spreading the good vibrations. Fantastic job Lucas, keep up the keen bean attitude!

Well done to all the Nominees for January, Thank you for your hard work and effort. It’s great to see so many up and comers giving it a red hot go!

The Nominations for January were:

• Patrol 1: Lucas Chadwick

• Patrol 2: Jess Major

• Patrol 3: Caitlyn “Quincy” Quinn

• Patrol 4: Sophie Malan

• Patrol 5: Emily Monacella

Nat Jowett

Surboat Team Article – State Title Win

Surfboat Masters article in the Sentinel Times this week celebrates the 4 year journey of our extraordinary team!


U13 Leadership Development Camp – Applications Closing

Attention all future leaders!

Applications for the U13 Leadership and Development camp CLOSE this Friday 20 February.

Held from Friday 17 – Sunday 19 April at Wombat Corner, Emerald Victoria, participants will enjoy new and exciting activities in relation to lifesaving and leadership skills, as well as make lifelong friendships. Check out the proposed program here:

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity, apply today


Nick Leman – The Star

Nick Leman - Star Article 3Feb15

Lorne Senior Carnival

Ripper day yesterday at Lorne!!

Well done to the small crew who travelled down the coast and fought hard throughout the day in every event!

Stand out performances were burner and Nicko taking home pennants in the 2km runs! Well done to Foz who finished a close 2nd behind Nick.
The competition was tough in the board races! Due to the new grading systems we were all placed up against each other in just about every heat and this made for great competition and lots of fun!

Well done to everyone it was an epic day!

Cheers Tman


Invy Crew Educating School Kids

Big day at Chelsea Longbeach with 6 members of the Invy crew passing on their knowledge and experience gained as volunteers to a bunch of school kids as part of the LSV Open Water Learning Program.


Surfboat Team wins State GOLD

Bringing home Gold from LSV Vic Championship Masters at Lorne today.Sarah-Jane Mead, Tania Dods Cumming, Nicole Hassall, Geoff Allum,Michelle Roberts & Fiona Hughes. Special thanks to Alexandra Monacella,Cameron Allum, Maxine Lockie & Glenys Allum for official & IRB support.

10959517_776037515812089_7603780513649299833_nlorne testing gold cropped

Good Luck to The Surfboat Team

Good luck to Inverloch Surfboat Team, who will represent our club for the first time ever this weekend at the LSV Victorian Masters Championships at Lorne. Rowers Nicole Nicole Hassall, Fiona Hughes, Sarah-Jane Mead,Tania Dods Cumming, Michelle Roberts & sweep Geoff Allum have trained hard for 4 years to reach this event!



Thanks to Telstra

Club Captain Nat Jowett met with Loretta and Andy from Telstra today to show them our appreciation for the new 5 bar reception at the club house!!


Ollie Collett – Dec POTM

Congratulations to our Patroller Of The Month for December Ollie Collett!!!

Ollie, seen here with Club Captain Nat Jowett, has done a superb job on patrol, always enthusiastic! His efforts behind the counter of the kiosk is something any mother would be proud of!!
great effort Ollie, Keep up the great work!


Invy Crew tackles the Channel Challenge

Saturday the 7th of Feb marked the 30th Channel Challenge which is held at San Remo every year. The event comprises a 550m swim and a 2km run.

Inverloch covered most of the categories, from the junior males; Ollie Collett, the junior females; Jess Cox, Meg Greenwood, Celine Moody and Olivia Hughes and also the open males in Tom McMorrow and myself. Everyone showed the Invy spirit and gave their all!

In the junior females Olivia Hughes took 2nd place local junior girl, this is a great feat for Olivia as she has worked hard in the pool and finished with a strong run, well done!
We also saw Meg “hope I look alright” Greenwood, reportedly take a record 6minutes in transition to get ready to run! Celine Moody also had a great time in the event having a good swim and a lovely social run with Meg.
Our triathlete, Jess Cox was was missing the ride but concentrated on her swim and run leg which she proved was some of the great standard! Well done Jess!
In the junior males we had the Collett Ollie, the blonde bombshell who had a red hot crack and did an exceptional job in the Invy toggs!
Open Males; Tom “Bundy” McMorrow in his debut  Challange and showed how his hard work and determination had payed off with him crossing 9th over the line, 17th overall with the other waves finishing, bundy swam strongly and didn’t leave anything in the tank through his run!
I was fortunate enough to have done my 4th event in 5 years and had my best result, crossing the line in 5th and finishing 8th overall!

As a team, we did ourselves proud and hope to go to the next level next year!

Beau Van


Bass District Carnival Wrap-up

Sunday the 8th of Feb saw clubbies from Waratah and Woolamai venture to Inverloch Beach to compete in the Bass District Carnival. The emphasis of the day was on participation, fun, and giving everything a red hot quack. Everyone came together in the true spirit of lifesaving and there were many laughs to be had. There was a total of 46 competitors with the Bass District title going to Invy!! It’s true that success comes with numbers!
The final pointscore is as follows:
Inverloch 306
Waratah 241
Woolamai 153
Many thanks to our officials Angela, George, Rob, Tevor and Max Collins who made the day possible for all of us.
A big thankyou to Iain Harrison who kindly took photos throughout the day. Photos can be viewed on the following link
If you would like to join the senior competition team and join in on the fun you can contact the very approachable Thomas Malan

Tom McMorrow

Point Leo Carnival Report

Ripper day yesterday at Leo!!
Weather wasn’t the greatest but everyone who competed gave their all!
Koda in his first senior carnival dominated winning 3 pennants on the beach (1km, sprint and flags) and then finished 3rd in all his water events! Well done Koda! Nick and Luke fought the 2km in true invy fashion, Nicko took home the pennant with foz a close second! Burner continued his strong form in the 2km this season coming 2nd!
Bundy was again super consistent in the water competing strongly in the iron and board. A huge congrats needs to go to Bundy because he won his first ski heat, shows what training can do! Jordan and Ethan held their own in the flags getting through numerous rounds!
A huge thanks to Max Rounds and Jordan tomas for doing irb duty in the shitty conditions! We all appreciate your efforts boys!
Well done to everyone who competed. I hope to see everyone at bass district carnival this Sunday @ invy!

Cheers Tman

Interview with a Rookie – Sara Bruce

1511840_717570638334217_1491250613024284449_oHere is a quick look into how Sara from our Kew Bronze camp has fitted into our club!

Name: Sara Bruce

Age: 15

Patrol: Patrol 1

What’s Tarryn like as a PC? She’s unreal, really knowledgeable and friendly! Makes patrolling fun!

What was the theme for your Patrol Family Dinner? We had a Pizza night! It was delicious.

What’s your Favourite thing about the club? Definitely the positive vibes at Inverloch. Everyone at

the club is so friendly. It is an awesome atmosphere!

What is your Favourite thing about patrol? As it was my first patrol, it was great to be able to put

everything we learnt on Bronze Camp into action and gain experience. It was also nice to meet

everyone in our patrol.

If you had to have a Favourite position on patrol, where would it be? Being up in the new patrol

tower. I enjoyed being able to look out across the whole beach and keep an eye out for any trouble.

Most enjoyable moment at the beach this summer? Doing the IRB Crew training. The training was

heaps of fun and a great first experience with the IRB’s. It was great to get an extra qualification in

my first season of surf lifesaving.