Name: Tom “Bundy” McMorrowTom McMorrow

Age: 23

Patrol: 5, “The Dustin Martins”

Nat Jowett had a chance to sit down with Tom, He’s got some great views of our Club!

What was the theme for your patrol family dinner? We’ve had two; Woodstock and Mexican Fiesta! Both were a blast.

What’s your favourite thing about the club? The depth of amazing people! Everyone is so inclusive and kind which makes me look forward to coming down to the beach time and time again. The shared passion of life saving is something I value amongst our members.

What is your Favourite thing about patrol? Ahh the serenity. Fortunately we get to provide a public service on my favourite beach in the whole wide world! Whatever the type of weather I always enjoy sitting in the tower, getting my toes wet and going for a rove whilst watching over swimmers in picturesque conditions.

If you had to have a favourite position on patrol, where would it be? Water’s Edge Baby!! The most ideal position at which we are most noticed and appreciated. Besides, what better position is there on a warm summers day? If the weather isn’t desirable, the public sure appreciates the effort!

You’ve had a busy summer, what has been your most enjoyable moment on the beach? Sitting up next to the dunes, playing a bit of guitar whilst watching a ripper of a sunset.

What does Life Saving mean to you? It means a lot. It’s more than a volunteer service, its a culture, a lifestyle, a safe place. Invy’s core values perfectly encompass what Life Saving is about and thats what I love about it.

Not only are they values, but they are traits:

• Inclusive

• Team Orientated

• Healthy Lifestyle

• Encouraging

• Reliable

• Responsible