Inverloch Takes over Dev Camp!

This year, Inverloch sent off 6 candidates to the Bass Coast Development camp! The camp is a great opportunity to gain some qualifications, meet other clubbies from the district and develop leadership skills!

From all reports, Xavier Hughes, Ollie Collett, Ben Turner, Corrie Argus-Smith, Kat Ellis and Sophie Malan did a great job and represented Inverloch Proudly! Fantastic work Girls and Boys!!

But not only did we have 6 candidates, we had 4 Leaders and Trainers!!! Thank you to Tarryn Thom, Kate Edney, Brendan Densem and Hilary Hughes for guiding the candidates to success!!

Hilary especially who came off the back of filling in for Nipper management, running the development camp and then coming home to patrol!! Inspirational Invy Spirit!!