1511840_717570638334217_1491250613024284449_oHere is a quick look into how Sara from our Kew Bronze camp has fitted into our club!

Name: Sara Bruce

Age: 15

Patrol: Patrol 1

What’s Tarryn like as a PC? She’s unreal, really knowledgeable and friendly! Makes patrolling fun!

What was the theme for your Patrol Family Dinner? We had a Pizza night! It was delicious.

What’s your Favourite thing about the club? Definitely the positive vibes at Inverloch. Everyone at

the club is so friendly. It is an awesome atmosphere!

What is your Favourite thing about patrol? As it was my first patrol, it was great to be able to put

everything we learnt on Bronze Camp into action and gain experience. It was also nice to meet

everyone in our patrol.

If you had to have a Favourite position on patrol, where would it be? Being up in the new patrol

tower. I enjoyed being able to look out across the whole beach and keep an eye out for any trouble.

Most enjoyable moment at the beach this summer? Doing the IRB Crew training. The training was

heaps of fun and a great first experience with the IRB’s. It was great to get an extra qualification in

my first season of surf lifesaving.