1391474_660187488950_994293239_nHere is a quick look into how Hilary eagle #6 rocks out on Patrol!

Name: Hilary Hughes

Age: 26

Patrol: 3

What’s Maxine like as a PC? She’s doing really well as our PC. Max is really approachable and is

making sure that all patrollers are getting the chance to learn new skills. It’s always a fun patrol and

she’s not afraid for singing loudly on water’s edge.

What was the theme for your patrol family dinner? Our next family dinner is a Fairy Party!!

What’s your favourite thing about the club? Seeing the personal development of the members I

have known through Nippers and as Bronzies.

The opportunities that are presented from Inverloch have also allowed me to network with a variety

of other clubs.

What is your Favourite thing about patrol? Having the opportunity to talk to visitors about the local

area and be able to provide help to those who might need it.

If you had to have a favourite position on patrol, where would it be? Roving! A nice excuse to

wander along the shoreline having some deep and meaningful chats along the way.

You’ve had a busy summer, what has been your most enjoyable moment on the beach? Just like

every summer, lying on the sand with a good book.