Saturday the 7th of Feb marked the 30th Channel Challenge which is held at San Remo every year. The event comprises a 550m swim and a 2km run.

Inverloch covered most of the categories, from the junior males; Ollie Collett, the junior females; Jess Cox, Meg Greenwood, Celine Moody and Olivia Hughes and also the open males in Tom McMorrow and myself. Everyone showed the Invy spirit and gave their all!

In the junior females Olivia Hughes took 2nd place local junior girl, this is a great feat for Olivia as she has worked hard in the pool and finished with a strong run, well done!
We also saw Meg “hope I look alright” Greenwood, reportedly take a record 6minutes in transition to get ready to run! Celine Moody also had a great time in the event having a good swim and a lovely social run with Meg.
Our triathlete, Jess Cox was was missing the ride but concentrated on her swim and run leg which she proved was some of the great standard! Well done Jess!
In the junior males we had the Collett Ollie, the blonde bombshell who had a red hot crack and did an exceptional job in the Invy toggs!
Open Males; Tom “Bundy” McMorrow in his debut  Challange and showed how his hard work and determination had payed off with him crossing 9th over the line, 17th overall with the other waves finishing, bundy swam strongly and didn’t leave anything in the tank through his run!
I was fortunate enough to have done my 4th event in 5 years and had my best result, crossing the line in 5th and finishing 8th overall!

As a team, we did ourselves proud and hope to go to the next level next year!

Beau Van