Nathan Mansfield and Teagan Thom will be conducting an impartial review of the future of IRB racing at Inverloch SLSC. The review will be done by conducting “one on one” interviews with team members and stakeholders to obtain feedback and suggestions on, if and how IRB racing should be run in the future. If you currently participate, have participated in the past or are considering IRB racing in the future, this is your opportunity to give us your input. All feedback will be held in confidence with a summary of key findings and a recommendation on future direction to be made to the Board.

Interviews will be conducted on Saturday 7th Feb between 10am & 4pm. Please contact Teagan Thom via email at [email protected] to book a time to have a chat.

Please remember that this is about the team going forward and not a discussion about what as happened in the past. Sessions will be kept to 30 minutes, so please come with prepared notes or key points.