Lucas ChadwickCongratulations to Lucas Chadwick our January Patroller of the Month for his exceptional effort over the summer period!

Lucas has shown some first class enthusiasm towards patrolling this season. His eagerness and “willingness to give it a go” approach is contagious amongst his fellow patrol members!

He has been a key player in his Patrol Family Dinners, spreading the good vibrations. Fantastic job Lucas, keep up the keen bean attitude!

Well done to all the Nominees for January, Thank you for your hard work and effort. It’s great to see so many up and comers giving it a red hot go!

The Nominations for January were:

• Patrol 1: Lucas Chadwick

• Patrol 2: Jess Major

• Patrol 3: Caitlyn “Quincy” Quinn

• Patrol 4: Sophie Malan

• Patrol 5: Emily Monacella

Nat Jowett