Join or Renew your Inverloch SLSC membership

Membership applications for existing Active Patrolling members and Families which have an Active Patroller are open. You should have received a welcome email from Hello Club to renew your membership. If you fall into this category and have not received a welcome email, please contact us via [email protected] with “Active Member” in the subject line and we will resend.

Membership renewals for non patrolling members will be open shortly. You will receive a welcome email when your membership is open for renewal.

New membership applications will be opened mid November via a link on this page.

PLEASE NOTE: Nipper, Bronze camp and SRC applications will not be part of the membership renewal/application process. These will be done separately as soon as program details have been finalised. You must however be a current financial member (Family member in the case of Nippers) to be eligible for these programs.

Family membership:


Individual membership: