10398687_10155039304365551_5249367370289981318_nA huge welcome and Congratulations to our newest members of the patrolling family! Finn Ballantyne, Joshua Dewhurst, Lisa Mildenhall, Nathan Ward, Nicholas Perera, Reid Jones, Angus McGillivray, Hayden Rees, Jack Howlett, Jordan Patterson, Lachlan O’Reilly, Patrick Holian, Sam Curtain, Tom Langley, Amelia Riseley, Anna Rusjan, Chelsea Buswell, Hannah Ruthven, Hayleigh Bashaw, Isley Eberbach, Jessica Brown, Phoebe-Rose Perry, Ella Arnold, Hugh Bowman, Koda Blizzard, Benton Price, Bree Plausinaitis, Clare McMorrow, Jasmyn O’Keeffe!

We look forward to seeing you all in the Yellow and Red on Patrol!! Thanks to Teagan Thom for guiding them through the nipper program! And Well Done Kate Edney and her team of trainers and water safety for teaching this eager and excited bunch!