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Edition 5, 2019/20 Season

In this Edition; Sponsorship, Beach Update, New ATV, Clothing Orders, Competition Team, Expressions of Interest, Patrol Roster and Diary Dates.

From the President

Only a few weeks till patrol and the opening of the season. The patrol roster is out, we have a chock a block calendar of events for the season, and I know you can’t wait for the return to Summer. In this edition of Eagle Eye, I’ll give a detailed briefing of the fate of the beach from council – unfortunately I cannot share the plans until the commercial tender has passed.
As we enter into Summer, I remind all members of our policy of respect, respect for the club house, respect for club gear, respect for each other and most of all respect for yourselves. We are a respected organisation with a high visibility to the public, we continue the tradition by showing leadership on the beach, being of service to the public, communicating in a friendly manner and above all keeping beach goers and ourselves safe.

Keep sand between your toes
Warren Cook


REMINDER: If you haven’t paid your membership it’s time to do it now! YOU MUST BE A FINANCIAL MEMBER TO REQUAL, PATROL & STAY IN THE CLUBHOUSE
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Beach Update

I was given a detailed briefing on the fate of the beach by council. It is hoped before Christmas the geo bag system will be installed in front of the club. (Don’t be surprised if it’s not) The geo bags are a 2 1/2-ton sand bag which are about 20mm thick. They will create a barrier between the club and ocean which will be installed about shoulder height and extend under the sand. They will be installed in front of the club and wrap around to a degree at the sides to create a shield from surging water. They will make up a tiered system of 3 bags which beach goers could sit on. It’s proposed that the existing fence will stay. The sand dunes will be rounded off and join with the revegetation which will take place behind the bags. In addition, fences will be extended both sides of the club house to stop people climbing on the dunes, and compacted rock will be placed on the ramp. We have a location for the tower to be positioned at the top of the path.
Remember this is a temporary fix for the longevity of the club house. In the long term, a committee has been formed to ensure the security of roads and housing and I am confident of the long-term solution that the council will provide for Inverloch.
Sponsorship is an important part of the financial success of our club. We have several opportunities including signage sponsorship of the new tower, signage on the bar as it comes to life in December, the new ATV, or maybe you might like to support an underprivileged child through the nipper program. There are many ways to support the club and we are looking for members to recommend potential sponsors for the 2019/20 season. Talk to us about sponsorship and activation. For copy of the sponsor document or further details on sponsorship contact Warren Cook on 0413 613 407

Clothing Orders

The ISLSC Uniform Shop is now online.
The same great range of gear will be available again this season, plus extra colours in a couple of our streetwear items.
Please get your orders in asap (preferably this week) to ensure your items are included in our pre-Christmas deliveries.
A reminder to parents that all nippers must be wearing a pinkie and club cap – these too are now available for purchase from the online store.

Skills Maintenance/Requal

Our Annual Skills Maintenance/Re-qualification Day will take place on Sunday 15th December starting at 9am. This will provide an opportunity for members to requal their Bronze/SRC, ART and IRB Driver and Crew Awards prior to the upcoming season. All members wishing to patrol this season must complete their requal by the 31st December 2019. Please complete your online theory for each award via Member Training From Anywhere prior to the 15th December via the link below.

Competition Team

The ISLSC Comp Team is back in training, with a number of youth and junior competitors participating in our first session of the year.
The team welcomes anyone who is interested in participating in training and/or competing in a carnival and/or competing for the entire season! We really just want anyone who thinks it might be fun to give it a go.
Training is being held each Sunday at 10am. Keep an eye on the Club’s Facebook page for updates.
Seniors who would like to compete this year should please email [email protected] to make yourselves known and let us know your plans… we would love to support your endeavours.

Expressions of Interest

Junior Club Captains
We are currently looking for 1 or 2 people to take on the role of junior club captain. This involves interacting with the junior members of the club including nippers, encouraging inclusive behaviour and acting as a role model, to make them feel welcome.
Some responsibilities of the role include but is not limited to:
  • Coordinate events for both Rookies (newest bronze medallion holders) and SRC
  • Present at Bronze Camp Friday night
  • Present Rookie of the Year at Presentation Night
Through this role you will be mentored by both the Club Captain (Rhys Bartlett) and the Member and Leadership Development Coordinator (Teagan Thom)
This role is designed for people who see themselves as an emerging leader of the club and are interested in furthering their leadership skills. Preferred age 16-18 years with a minimum 1 year’s patrol experience.
If you are interested in taking on this role or are seeking further information contact either Rhys Bartlett ([email protected] or 0423 978 938) or Teagan Thom ([email protected] or 0431 978 212)
Expression of Interest close 1st December 2019

Radio Officer
We are looking for someone to be responsible for looking after our radios throughout the season. This role includes the following responsibilities:
  • Responsible for the maintenance and care of all the clubs radio equipment including ensuring that all the radios are charging and working adequately.
  • Identifying and assisting in managing any repairs or faults with the radio equipment.
  • Ensuring that any requirements and or procedures relating to the radios are understood by the patrolling members.
If this is something you would be interested in please send an email to Rhys Bartlett expressing your interest in this role at [email protected]
Expression of Interest close 1st December 2019

Nipper Water Safety Coordinator
Nippers needs someone to take on the role of water safety coordinator. This role is vital to the running of nippers and needs to be filled.

Some responsibilities include but not limited to:
*briefing water safety on daily conditions
*completing a risk assessment
*making sure water safety requirements are met per age group
*water areas for the day are set up with help from the IRB crew
*ensuring IRBs are in place as required and crews are rotated

If you would like to discuss this role further please do not hesitate to contact Teagan on 0431 978 212 or [email protected]
Expression of Interest close 24th November 2019

YIP (Youth Involvement Program) Coordinator
We are looking for someone to take on the role of YIPs coordinator. The aim of this role is to encourage and promote participation amongst the young members of the club. Along with maintaining the “YIPs” points system in accordance with state and club developments.

If you would like to discuss this role further please do not hesitate to contact Teagan on 0431 978 212 or [email protected]
Expression of Interest close 24th November 2019


We are pleased to have received our new 6-seater Can-am Defender. A huge thank you to Rob O'Neill for his work behind the scenes to ensure that this was delivered in time for the fast approaching season. This will allow us to more effectively patrol with the ability to carry passengers as well as patrollers if required. This is a significant improvement over our old 2 seater.
Due to the large size and additional functions we will be rolling out new inductions to all members needing to drive this ATV asap.
Noting that members previously inducted to use the clubs ATV's can still use the older Polaris ATV until they have undertaken and been signed off for being inducted to use the new ATV.
ATV for Newsletter

Patrol Roster

With only a couple of weeks left until patrols begin we are pleased have released the first revision of the patrol roster via Email/Facebook. If you are not included within the roster and are planning on attending patrols this season it is important that you please take 2 minutes to complete a patrol survey via the link below so that we can include you within the patrol roster:
For any questions with regards to patrolling or the roster please feel free to contact either Jasmine Cook (Patrol Manager) [email protected] / ph. 0412 930 172 or Rhys Bartlett (Club Captain) [email protected] / ph. 0423 978 938
The current roster can be downloaded via the link below.

Adult Bronze Training

If you are interested in completing your Adult Bronze before Christmas, this would involve some face to face training and take-home theory book work, please send an expression of interest to Tarryn Thom, Chief Instructor at [email protected]

Team App

Want to keep up to date with upcoming events at the club? All club events can be found on Team App.
To get the full features of this app please go to the App Store or Google Play and download free Team App onto your mobile device, then follow these simple steps:
  1. Sign-up to Team App. You'll be sent an e-mail to confirm your registration.
  2. Log-in and search for Inverloch SLSC, then request to become a member.
If you don't think you can handle the App on your phone it can also be accessed via you web browser: Team App

Important Dates:

* 15th to 17th November IRB course
* 16th November Patrol Leadership Team day
* 30th November Patrols Start
* 8th to 14th December Inverloch Bronze Camp
* 15th December Bronze Requal
* 27th December Nippers Starts
* 27th December SRC Starts
* 27th December Season Opener, all welcome
* 31st December, New Years Eve Tin rattle - All members required, stay tuned for further information
* 18th January, Past Patrollers Function

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