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  • Update from the President

  • LSOC Appointments

  • M&LD Appointments

  • Grommet Gurus

  • Membership Applications & Renewals

  • Nipper dates for season 2021/22

Update From the President

Welcome to our September Newsletter,

Membership is now open. Active members – enrol now and complete the patrol survey for the 2021/22 season. Nippers will follow when we know what that program is able to look like.

My key message this month is “VACCINATE” “VACCINATE” “VACCINATE”.
Let’s keep each other safe, our loved ones, the community at large – let’s get vaccinated and get back to some form of normality.

At this point in time LSV’s position is that they strongly recommend that all members over 16 are vaccinated. (unless you have an underlying health issue). As vaccination rules are very fluid this may change in the future and I am committed to keeping you informed of changes as this comes to light and how it may affect you as a member.
Over the past 18+months it has been a testing time with Covid 19 restrictions. However, with the increase of vaccination take-up we as a state look like we are opening up in the not-too-distant future and hopefully lockdowns are a thing of the past.

The deck is now complete and looking great. We have one more project to complete “the under roof” on the deck which is due to be completed next week, and we can start putting the club back together again! The training room/bar area is now complete and ready for use. The BBQ trailer has had a revamp and we have the patrol tower heading down to have the underneath rust removed.

It’s going to be a very busy but a fantastic Summer!
Keep sand between your toes and I look forward to seeing you on the beach this season.

Keep sand between your toes,
Warren “Wasa” Cook
Inverloch SLSC
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From the Club Captain

Hi Everyone,

Firstly, congratulations to those who have nominated for and been appointed to the following roles on the Life Saving Operations Committee (LSOC) for the upcoming season.
  • Patrol Manager - Ella Arnold
  • IRB Captain - Xavier Korbel
  • First Aid Officer - Aidan Graham
  • Radio Officer - Reid Jones
  • Gear Steward – Sumith Perera
This year we are introducing a new role to the LSOC, which presents a member with a great way to develop leadership skills and learn how the club operates.
  • Vice Club Captain - This role has responsibility to assist with the provision of the club’s operational services, by supporting all LSOC members, the Club Captain and Junior Club Captains.
If you are interested in nominating for the Vice Club Captain role, please contact Nick Perera (Club Captain) via email: [email protected] or phone: 0407 714 302. Expressions of Interest for this position close on Sunday 26th September.

Patrol Survey

With the season fast approaching, we need you to start thinking if you intend to patrol this season and we also need you to fill out the patrol survey so we know what your plans for the 2021/22 season are. Even if you are not planning to patrol this season please let us know.

If you would like to be a member of the Patrol Leadership Team (PLT) let us know that too. Please complete the survey via the link below by October 1st. If you have any questions, please contact Nick Perera (contact info above)

Grommet Guru's

Get involved in our new program Grommet Guru’s!

Hi Everyone,

My name is Brydie Smith and for my YIPs community project I have developed a mentorship program called Grommet Guru’s. Through my many seasons as a volunteer lifesaver I have created important friendships and connections with fellow members. When beginning my journey as a volunteer lifesaver, after completing my SRC assessment, I found myself in a situation where everything was new and daunting. During this time, I felt like I needed someone there to assist me and show me the ropes in my first few patrols, however, as a new lifesaver I could relate to those who are too nervous to ask for help from the more experienced lifesaver. As I grew more skills over the seasons, I found myself to be passionate in supporting younger lifesavers by showing them the ropes to the world of lifesaving. So, through my experience as a new lifesaver and as the lifesaver I have grown to become today I decided to develop a program that would assist new lifesavers whilst building friendships with those around them.

Grommet Guru’s aims to ensure that young lifesavers are supported through the process of beginning their journey as a volunteer lifesaver. It is a mentorship program between a new lifesaver and an experienced lifesaver who has been patrolling for at least two seasons. As a mentor you will required to complete two patrol days with your new lifesaver. Through this mentorship, guidance is provided for a new lifesaver from assessment day to patrolling on a beach. The program provides parents with assurance that their child will be safe when patrolling for the first time.

This program will bring everyone together and form new connections, but we need your help. It would be great to see many experienced lifesavers volunteering to mentor a new lifesaver this coming season. To get involved please tick the box in the patrol survey where you will then be contacted by Brydie Smith for further details.
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Membership and Leadership Development

M&LD Position Appointments

Congratulations to the members who have taken on the following positions for the 2021-22 season. A big thank you to you all!

Nipper Coordinator: Lucy Chambers
Nipper Committee Chair: Sam Dimopoulos
Junior Club Captains: James O’Neill and Lachlan Weeks
YIPS Coordinators: Lucy Tate and Kirsten Thomas

YIPs (Youth Involvement Program)
Lucy and Kirsten have created a new Facebook page for YIPs (Youth Involvement Program). They will use this to put out all YIPs related information and opportunities. Anyone involved in the program, parent or participant, please search for the group, ‘YIPs Inverloch’ or click on this link https://www.facebook.com/groups/1738428743006764/ to request to join.

For those who aren’t involved in YIPs but would like to be please email [email protected].

For more information about the program please contact Kirsten Thomas or Lucy Tate, or email [email protected].

*YIPs is a recognition program for anyone aged 13-17. Awards are achieved by participating in anything Lifesaving related. This includes patrolling, water safety, competition, attending leadership/development camps & more*

Erosion Update

Cape to Cape Resilience Project

Hello, I have just been informed that the recommendations of the Cape to Cape Resilience Project are going to be delayed till March. Then apparently it may not be released straight away dependent on the Minister. If you are like me you are very disappointed and the lack of urgency and leadership shown by this group is less than poor. I have spoken to the Mayor and he feels the same way and is going to take it further. I believe the next form of action on our part is to take it to the press, I have a few things in mind which I will take to the board ASAP. I will keep the membership informed but I suspect as it hits the community there will be outrage as this has been going on for over two years now. We have a billion dollar asset in the beach, not to mention the club and houses that will come under threat if action is not taken.

Warren Cook
Screen Shot 2021-09-19 at 7.23.27 pm

Membership Applications & Renewals

Membership applications & renewals are now open. Click the button below to access the membership application.
Nipper program enrolments will commence as soon we are able to confirm arrangements.

Nippers Dates

The 2021/22 Nipper program dates have been updated please see below:

27th December 2021 - Preliminary Swim day
28th to 30th December 2021 9am till 11:30
3rd to 7th January 2022 9am till 11:30

Nipper enrolment details will be distributed when we are able to confirm numbers under the LSV COVID guidelines.
In the meantime if you have any queries or are available to help with a nipper role please contact Lucy Chambers [email protected]

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