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Edition 2, 2019/20 Season

In this Edition: What's Happening Around the Club as We Prepare for the Coming Season and Expressions of Interest for Club Roles.

We are only 4 months out from Summer, it sounds miles away, but in reality it will be here before we know it. The beach continues to throw challenges at us with further erosion taking more of the sand dunes away. The pathway has been replaced by council several times over the winter but with a bit of luck the beach will start settling down as we enter the Spring/Summer period.

I attended the Inverloch Coastal Resilience Project report in August, and in a nut shell no one really knows where the beach will end up. The long-term effect it will have on the local area, wild life and local aboriginal sites, it really is a wait to see what Mother Nature decides.

The board has been working on several projects which are included in this newsletter. I hope this email finds you well and enjoying whatever keeps you driven through winter; footy, netball, skiing, or if you had the chance to get away.

Keep sand between your toes


Patrol Tower Update

It’s official we will be ready to roll with a new mobile tower late October. The new tower will be approximately 2.2 x 4 meters (half the old tower size) and towable by the ATV. It will be fully self-contained with solar panels on top, storage bin at one end, and lock down shutter windows. See a mock up below, however the new tower/trailer will be yellow.
Screen Shot 2019-08-26 at 8.38.28 pm

ATV Upgrade

The old ATV has been retired and a new 6-seater Defender has been ordered. The new ATV has a larger tray and with the second-tier seats will make transporting patients from the beach much easier, and also gearing up for the days patrol much smoother. The ATV will be able to tow the new patrol tower. The old ATV had usage issues that caused the clutch to fail therefore a course is being developed for drivers to be approved to drive the ATV, plus a separate approval for towing the new tower on and off the beach. Below is an example of the ATV prior to being readied for lifesaving duty.

Club House and Bar Hours of Operation

Currently we are in the process of applying for an extension of our operating hours, and looking at the option of taking the bar out of the kitchen and positioning it in the opposite corner of the club house. We will keep you informed as we progress with these plans.

Beach Erosion Update

The beach has suffered more recession after the recent high tide. The picket fence is being removed and replaced by a 50 metre long, 6 metre deep wall that will hopefully be a much stronger barrier. Council have declared a climate change emergency and are working with state and federal governments to find a solution. Our new mobile patrol trailer will be ready for the start of the patrol season. However, we need funding, support and action to continue operating a lifesaving activity on the beach.
Screen Shot 2019-08-26 at 8.45.46 pm

Expressions of Interest for Club Roles

These roles were advertised in the previous newsletter:
- Patrol Manager
- IRB Captain
- First Aid Officer
- Gear Steward
- Board and Ski Captain
- Nipper Coordinator

In addition, we are seeking expressions of interest for the following roles:
- Club House Manager
- Membership Officer
- Club Media Officer
- Newsletter Editor
- Clothing Coordinator

All position descriptions for the roles can be found in the club by-laws here. If you are interested in a role please submit an expression of interest via email to [email protected] or give me a call with any questions on 0413 904 485, Angela Malan. Remember by taking on a role you are helping to run our club.

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