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  • Update from the President

  • Patrollers of the Month and latest version of the Patrol Handbook

  • Nippers March long weekend activities

  • Membership and Leadership Development Update

  • Member Profiles

  • Competition Update

  • Member Protection Officers

Update From the President

Welcome to the March newsletter. I hope this finds you well and revitalised after an active Summer.

If you are like me you are looking forward to Presentation night. Last year’s was such a success we want to build on it and make it even more fun for members while at the same time honouring achievements throughout the season. Keep Easter Saturday night free!

I’d like to congratulate the membership in general. Some clubs this year had real problems with Covid over the Summer period, struggling to put patrols on the beach. Even the lifeguard service was down 30% at one stage. Whilst our club had some cases we were able to contain the spread, patrols worked in pods, social distancing was encouraged and generally we came through pretty much unscathed.
A big thank you to our volunteers who continue to impress me with their commitment; manning Nippers, keeping the bar open, our many patrol personnel who manned the beaches and the numbers of people that keep the club operational – you rock.

I look forward to seeing you all at presentation night.

Keep sand between you toes

Warren “Wasa” Cook

From the Club Captain

Patrollers of the Month

Congratulations to the Patrollers of the Month for this summer!

Xavier Korbel

Xavier has stepped up this season to take on the IRB Captain role. In December, he enthusiastically assisted with bronze camp and IRB camp as well as training new IRB crews both on patrol and on his days off. He has implemented innovations to improve the use of IRBs at ISLSC and he also organised a roster for IRB duties for Nippers off his own back.
Screen Shot 2022-03-06 at 6.43.46 pm
Lucy Tate

Lucy has been a strong contributor to the surf club in January. After training both the Kew High School and Inverloch bronze camps in December, Lucy organised and captained the club’s first ever YIPs Patrol on New Years Day. She also attended and was on the leadership teams of both of the voluntary patrols (New Years Eve and Pink Patrols). Lucy was also the head trainer for the SRC program and was responsible for training our new generation of lifesavers.
Screen Shot 2022-03-06 at 6.48.14 pm
Below is the link to the latest version of the patrol handbook.

Nipper Activities, March Long Weekend

The Nipper Committee will be hosting a weekend of special events for Nippers and their families over the March long weekend. Below is a summary of the events, more details will be emailed to Nipper families. For any queries please contact Lucy Chambers at [email protected]

Saturday 12th March, Nippers skill session, 10-12, bbq afterwards
Saturday Evening, from 6.30pm, Water Safety thank you event. Food provided and quiz with prizes. All water safety helpers welcome.
Sunday 13th March, Nippers fun competition with novelty games, 10-12, bbq and cupcake stall afterwards
Sunday Evening, Nipper parents quiz night

Membership and Leadership Development

Nippers Season 21/22.

We had a great 2 weeks with almost 200 nippers learning new skills and developing old ones. The weather & waves throughout, gave us lots of opportunities to learn! Our volunteers were fantastic, helping the program run smoothly. We had over 50 water safety volunteering their time over the course of Nippers - not including the brand new SRCs, putting on their first orange shirt and joining us for the last day of the program.
Congratulations to this years Female Nipper of the Year Stella Davis and our Male Nipper of the Year Jacob Bolge
Screen Shot 2022-03-06 at 6.54.17 pm

Nipper Certificates

If anyone is missing a Nippers certificate from this season, please email me your nippers name and address and we can get them sent out in the next week. Please email Teagan Thom at [email protected]

YIPS Patrol and Paddle Out

Lucy and Kirsten did a fantastic job engaging our youth members this year, including organising our inaugural YIPs Patrol held on New Years Day, which saw 25 of our junior members take to the beach. This was followed up with a YIPs paddle out a few days later. Big thank you to Kirsten and Lucy for organising these events!
Screen Shot 2022-03-06 at 6.57.00 pm
Screen Shot 2022-03-06 at 6.57.17 pm

Pink Patrol, Celebrating Women in Lifesaving

Saturday 15th January saw the club run its annual Pink Patrol. This is the 3rd season we have held our pink patrol to celebrate the contributions women make to lifesaving. It was great to see that we as a club could fulfil a full female patrol leadership team.
The mission of a Pink Patrol; To celebrate the role that females past and present have played in shaping the lifesaving movement and to acknowledge the contribution that our female members have made in helping build operational capacity and provide positive female role models.

Thanks to Kirsten for being PC for the afternoon and to all our male patrollers that came down to support our female patrollers on the beach.
Screen Shot 2022-03-06 at 6.59.20 pm

Mike Martin Champion Junior Lifesaver Development Day

On Saturday 12th February, Lifesaving Victoria held their annual Mike Martin Champion Junior Lifesaver development day at state centre in Port Melbourne. This day gives our youth members the opportunity to develop their life saving skills, meet like-minded individuals from across the state and be exposed to the many opportunities available through Life Saving Victoria. Inverloch had two members attend the day Sarah Weeks and Freya Kitney who both had a ball and represented Inverloch with pride. Well done girls!!

Member Profiles

Ella Arnold

Screen Shot 2022-03-06 at 7.02.54 pm
Age: 20
What is your role/s within the club?
I am currently Patrol Manager for the Club as well as Patrol Captain for Patrol 4
When did you start lifesaving?
I started in under 13’s Nippers back in 2013
What is your favourite part about Surf Life Saving?
I love the likeminded people and opportunities for personal development.
What is your favourite memory in lifesaving?
My favourite memory of SLS has to be a tie between my bass coast dev camp and the first time I went around Cape Woolamai with the Jet Ski service, it was so beautiful.
What is your one recommendation to new clubbies?
Meet as many new people as you can and make the most of every opportunity that presents itself.

Finley Withers

Screen Shot 2022-03-06 at 7.12.35 pm
Age: 17
What is your role/s within the club?
I am IRB crew for patrol 2 as a part of the Patrol Leadership Team. I am also a member of the IRB race team.
When did you start lifesaving?
I joined Nippers in 2016, from then I got my Bronze Medallion in 2019/20 and started patrolling.
What is your favourite part about Surf Life Saving?
The people and the opportunities. The club is supportive and encouraging and an all-round good group of people that allow me to pursue my lifesaving endeavours and provide me with countless opportunities that I would never have gotten outside the club.
What is your favourite memory in lifesaving?
The first time I went in the IRB on the first pink patrol at the club. I was very nervous at first, but I had a really good driver that helped me out and I had a lot of fun, and it was exciting to have more opportunities to be involved in the club.
What is your one recommendation to new clubbies?
Just to have a go, take every opportunity you can to participate and learn new skills because it is such a rewarding learning experience and it’s a very supportive environment.

Competition Update

Club Champs

In classic Inverloch fashion, Club Championships this year fell on a chilly, dark and gloomy day. But that didn’t stop our clubbies from hitting the beach and channelling their inner athlete for a fun social day of rivalry. It was amazing so see so many new faces come down and have a go in both land and water events. Thanks to everyone who participated as well as Rob and Millie for helping run the event. Winners will be announced at presentation night in April so make sure you come on down to see who took out the title of Club Champ!!
Screen Shot 2022-03-06 at 7.06.43 pm

Summer Competition

We have seen a great effort from our Inverloch athletes over the summer period with both junior and senior competitors representing our club at Victorian carnivals across the coast
Our Junior team competed at Mordialloc with Caity placing 3rd in the surf race, 3rd in the aqua cameron and 2nd in the sprint. Our boys also performed well in the run with Fred and Hugh placing 2nd and 3rd respectively. A great day for these youngsters.

Our Senior girls went to Lorne in February and gave all events a red-hot crack. Kirstin placed 2nd in the long run whilst all 4 ladies placed 2nd in the tube rescue. It was a great day overall with some amazing athletes representing the club.
Screen Shot 2022-03-06 at 7.08.29 pm

Winter Competition

If you’ve been up early enough to see the sunrise you may have caught a glimpse of our IRB team training in the calm early mornings. Our team is getting ready and excited for the winter competition that is set to start in April. If you happen to see them training, feel free to have a watch and ask questions. Hopefully the water stays warm for our athletes as we move away from summer.
Screen Shot 2022-03-06 at 7.10.38 pm

Clothing Sales

Leanna will be opening the Uniform shop on Saturday of the long weekend in March, Saturday 12th, 9am till midday.

Club Member Protection Officers

Life Saving Victoria and Inverloch SLSC are committed to the health, safety and wellbeing of all our members and are dedicated to providing a safe environment for those participating in lifesaving activities and events. We want lifesaving to be fun, enjoyable and safe for all. Lifesavers are nurtured in an environment that values safety, trust, respect, caring and responsibility. The environment encourages acceptance, confidence and educated risk taking.

All clubs are required to have appointed a Member Protection Office, MPO. The role of the MPO is to support members and protect them and the club’s wellbeing, to provide member welfare education and support. The MPO can provide confidential support and assistance for any members with concerns, grievances or who have had a grievance lodged against them.

At ISLSC we are very lucky to have two very experienced patrolling members who have taken on the MPO roles. Tarryn Thom and Sumith Perera can be contacted if you wish to discuss anything confidentially and they have undertaken the LSV MPO training to understand the processes and pathways to best assist members.
Tarryn Thom, [email protected]
Sumith Perera, [email protected]
Screen Shot 2022-03-06 at 7.17.34 pm

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