Nipper Enrolment Instructions

for New Members
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Nipper applications for New Members will open @ 5pm on Thursday the 25th of November. Places are limited and will be offered on a first come, first served basis.

To enrol you must sign up for a Family Membership. If you sign up and pay for a Family Membership and then are unable to enrol in Nippers due to place availability we will refund any fees paid as soon as practicable.

Members over the age of 18 must provide a valid Working With Children Check to join. Vaccination requirements are detailed below.

Click the button below to access the Membership Application
Step 1) Signing Up for your Family Membership
  • Launch the application.
  • Click CONTINUE
  • Select Your Preferred Sign-in method
  • Follow the prompts to create your membership and add your family members
Screenshot 2021-11-24 212450
When selecting membership types, make sure you select Family (Under18) for all Nippers.
Screenshot 2021-11-24 214617
Complete all the additional information and make the membership payment. Proceed to the next step to enrol your nippers.
Step 2) Selecting Nipper Events & Age Groups

Once you have successfully completed your membership application and payment, and have signed in to the application, click on the Calendar Button on the home screen or select it from the Menu
Screenshot 2021-11-24 220706
Scroll forward on the Calendar to the 28th of December 2021. A list of Age Group Events is displayed. Click on the Age Group you wish to enrol in (you may need to change the calendar view to see all the age groups).
Screenshot 2021-11-17 222221
Please Note:
  • You must enrol in the correct age group. Participants who enrol in the wrong age group will be removed from the program. Age group dates of birth are as follows:
Screenshot 2021-11-17 220512
Step 3) Completing Enrolment

After selecting the relevant Age Group, the detail event screen will be shown. Select the name of the child you with to enrol from the dropdown menu.
Screenshot 2021-11-17 222255
If the child you have chosen is eligible, the SIGN UP button will appear.
Screenshot 2021-11-17 222410
Click the SIGN UP button to complete the enrolment and pay fees. If you wish to enrol another participant, you will need to repeat Step 2 & 3.


If you get stuck & need help, please email [email protected] with details of the issue. Please understand that we are volunteers with limited resources and response times may vary. We will do our best to assist you as quickly as possible.

Other Important Information:

1) COVID 19 & Vaccination Requirements

As an affiliate of Life Saving Victoria (LSV) and an Emergency Service, Inverloch SLSC has been directed to comply with the latest Victorian Government COVID 19 roadmap. For Nippers season 2021/22 this means:
  • ALL Nipper participants aged 12 years and 2 months and older must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.
  • ALL SRC candidates must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19
  • ALL Water Safety helpers must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19
  • ALL Parent Helpers involved in Nippers must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.
  • ALL Parents / Guardians entering the Nippers beach area must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.
People who have a valid exemption as per the CHO directions preventing them from being vaccinated against COVID-19 are exempt from the above requirements.
More information on management of these requirements will be communicated prior to the program commencement.
Your current vaccination status can be registered via the button below.
2) Preliminary Swim Requirements:

There are Preliminary Swim requirements which must be satisfied by participants prior to the start of the program. We will be running assessments on the 27th of December at the Surf Beach for all participants. Alternatively a form can be downloaded from our website:
A summary of the requirements is shown below:
Screenshot 2021-11-17 221529
3) Pink Vests & Club Caps

All participants must wear pink vests and club caps at all times during the program. These will be available for purchase at the uniform shop at advertised times.