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Edition 3, 2019/20 Season

In this Edition; Beach and Club Update, Appointments and Expressions of Interest, Patrol Survey, News and Diary Dates.

As a volunteer organisation I am always impressed by the commitment and time people put into the running of the club – on behalf of all members I thank you.

On Sunday the 8th of September the board held a planning day where we discussed the upcoming season. The work competed will unfold as the year proceeds. You will find some key dates below.

One of the discussions was to look at a long-term strategic vision for the club. In the upcoming months a survey will be circulated for your input, I encourage all members to have your say and be a part of this initial planning stage.
Below you will find club updates to keep you informed.

Keep sand between your toes


Work Around The Club

A longer motor stand has been installed by Rhys, Club Captain, which frees up space in the garage working area. Also, a set of pigeon holes have kindly been provided by the Inverloch Mens Shed, so members who wish can leave belongings when going to the beach.


There have been further discussions regarding the bar design which I hope to share with you in the next newsletter. In October we are planning to brief the builder and construction will take place in late November. Several versions have been considered and we are now down to two final layout options. Stay tuned.

Training Room Update

With installation of the new bar comes the opportunity to review the training room furniture and ambience. Although we appreciate donations, the room has become a drop zone for second hand and unwanted furniture. Before the opening season we hope to:
  • Cull furniture and replace
  • Install a new TV and relocate the current one to the patrol lounge.
  • Relocate some of the honour boards to the front stairs.
  • Permanently set up the room to make it a more welcoming place
  • Repaint and patch the walls
  • Create a surf club feel in the styling of the room
Volunteers who can help with any of the above are welcome.

Beach Recession Update

I’m writing this just before we head off to the US, but I believe this sacrificial sand and the new sand fence will be completed shortly. The council is fighting a battle against mother nature, and mother nature is winning. The hope is this short-term fix will get us through Summer while the council comes up with a longer term, more sustainable solution. This month a 1.5 million federal grant becomes available and a fix for the long term will be considered. Further funding will be necessary and I will keep you informed as information comes to light. I can’t thank enough the work that Derek Hibbert (Bass Coast Council) does on the beach, his work continues to put the club first in the security of our asset.
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Expressions of Interest

Social Media Manager
If you have an interest in social media we are looking for someone to run the club social media accounts; Members Facebook, Community Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. Please contact Peter Harrison, Community Relations Director [email protected]

Adult Bronze Training
If you are interested in completing your Adult Bronze before Christmas, this would involve some face to face training and take-home theory book work, please send an expression of interest to Tarryn Thom, Chief Instructor at [email protected]

New Appointments

Thank you to those members who have offered to take on roles for the coming season. The more members who lend a hand the better our club will be.
- Lucy Chambers, Nipper Coordinator
- Gayle Morris, Media Manager
- Lucy Tate, First Aid Officer
- Ione McKenzie and Rosemary Neville, Clothing Manager
- Jasmine Cook, Patrol Manager
- David Morris, IRB Captain
- Alan Bolton, Building Maintenance Manager
- David Schultz, Clubhouse Booking Coordinator
- Jonathan Li, Gear Steward

Club Conference

The weekend of the 14th and 15th of September saw a number of our members, including a number of our Board attend Life Saving Victoria for the annual club conference. This event is designed to highlight key areas in preparation for the coming season. Our attendees heard from keynote speakers and also were made aware of updates in operations, training, nippers and sport.
Inverloch's attendees included Jasmine Cook, David Morris, Rob O'Neill, Chris Malan, Ione McKenzie, Tarryn Thom, Rhys Bartlett and Angela Malan.

SLSA Masterclass

Every year Surf Lifesaving Australia runs their National Leaders Masterclass for 30 year plus members involved in leadership positions within their club or at a state level. This year we were lucky to have Teagan Thom represent Inverloch SLSC. Over the 4 days Teagan undertook part of a Certificate in Strategic Thinking at UniSA through a partnership that exists between SLSA and UniSA. The weekend also involved lots of discussions around constant issues seen within clubs, and at a state and national level, as well as an opportunity to develop leadership skills and networks with other likeminded people nationally and internationally.
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Team App

Want to keep up to date with upcoming events at the club? All club events can be found on Team App.
To get the full features of this app please go to the App Store or Google Play and download free Team App onto your mobile device, then follow these simple steps:
  1. Sign-up to Team App. You'll be sent an e-mail to confirm your registration.
  2. Log-in and search for Inverloch SLSC, then request to become a member.
If you don't think you can handle the App on your phone it can also be accessed via you web browser: Team App

Patrol Survey

The first weekend of patrol starts on the 30th of November.

Have you told us your patrol intentions for the coming season? Click the button below to complete the patrol survey to let us know if you are planning on patrolling (or not).

We also need people who are willing to fulfil the patrol leadership team roles that include:
*Patrol Captain
*Vice Captain
*ATV/4wd Driver
*First Aid

If you have any questions please contact Rhys Bartlett [email protected] ph: 0423 978 938 or Jasmine Cook [email protected]

Cup Weekend Events

Cup weekend is a great time to be down at Inverloch with lots of pre-season work happening.

Saturday 2nd November - Gear inspection
Each year our life saving equipment is given the once over to ensure it is fit for use.
If you want to come down to see what it is all about or lend a hand, gear inspection will be happening on Saturday 2nd November commencing at 10am.

Sunday 3rd November
The club will be holding a pre-season working bee and BBQ on Sunday 3rd November from 10am till 2pm. It would be great to see all hands-on deck to have the clubhouse looking great for the coming season.
Screen Shot 2019-09-24 at 10.38.38 pm

Important Dates:

* 4th October Patrol Survey closes
* 28th October to 1st November Kew High School Bronze Camp
* 2nd November Gear inspection
* 3rd November Working Bee & BBQ
* 11th November Advanced Resus Techniques (AID) course
* 15th to 17th November IRB course
* 16th November Patrol Leadership Team day
* 30th November Patrols Start
* 8th to 14th December Inverloch Bronze Camp
* 15th December Bronze Requal
* 27th December Nippers Start
* 27th December SRC Starts
* 27th December Season Opening Function

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