Junior Accommodation Agreement Form

This form must be completed once per season by Junior Members (under 18 years old) prior to requesting accommodation at the ISLSC Clubhouse.

Junior Member Name(Required)
Date of Birth(Required)
Member Email(Required)

I agree to the following conditions when staying at the ISLSC Clubhouse:

  1. I will observe all club rules.
  2. I will follow directions of the Approved Supervisor, Patrol Captain or Board member.
  3. I will leave the premises clean and tidy and remove any rubbish including my food from the refrigerator and kitchen bins.
  4. I will not consume alcohol whilst onsite nor will I provide alcohol to anyone else saying at the clubhouse.
  5. I will refrain from smoking or taking elicit drugs or bringing same onto the club premises.
  6. I will not enter bunk room designated to the opposite gender (unisex bunk room is only available for use by members 18 and over).
  7. I will observe the curfew and be within club premises by:
    • Under 15's - 8:00pm or Sunset (whichever is later)
    • Under 18's - 10:00pm
    and stay in the club premises until sunrise.
  8. I understand that I may, for the purpose of participating in social activities (eg: BBQs, Movie Nights, Private Parties), stay out beyond curfew when the following criteria have been met:
    • I stay in the company of an Approved Supervisor.
    • I have my parent(s) or guardian(s) permission to attend the activity.
    • I will return by midnight at the latest.
  9. Should I need to be offsite during curfew hours I will seek permission from the Approved Supervisor before leaving the club premises and provide intended whereabouts and contact details.
  10. I understand that the Patrol Captain or Approved Supervisor is a fellow club member who wishes to enjoy their time at the club also, and as such I will be considerate and act responsibly and maturely. I understand that should I wilfully breach any part of this agreement the Board will, as a minimum, suspend my right to stay at the clubhouse.

I hereby agree to the conditions detailed above.
Parent/Guardian Name(Required)
Parent/Guardian Email(Required)

Parent/Guardian Agreement and consent:

  1. I agree that supervision is provided by the club based on the assumption that my son/daughter will follow all club rules including the requirements set out in this agreement. Should I anticipate any issues arising from my son/daughter staying at the clubhouse, I will discuss these with the Club President, Club Captain or Club Secretary.
  2. I hereby acknowledge and approve my son/daughter staying at the Inverloch Surf Life Saving Clubhouse from time to time during the lifesaving season in which this agreement is signed.
  3. I authorise the club Approved Supervisor to consent, where it is impracticable to communicate with me, to my son/daughter receiving medical treatment as may be deemed necessary.
  4. I authorise my son/daughter being transported by club or private vehicles during their stay at the clubhouse.
  5. I accept that the club Approved Supervisors will accept what my son/daughter may say on face value unless proven otherwise. Should I have concerns, I understand that it is my responsibility to contact the Approved Supervisor, Club President, Club Captain or Club Secretary in person to discuss my concerns.
  6. I have listed any restrictions or amendments to what my son/daughter is permitted to do below.

Enter any specific restrictions that apply to your son/daughter.
I hereby agree to the conditions detailed above.
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