Volunteering at ISLSC

Each year the club puts together a full season of activities and training programs. These programs require a lot of work to coordinate and manage, and, therefore, we can use all the help we can get. Below is a list of roles we require volunteers for. Please take a look and see if you can assist (even if it’s just for a short time).

Lifesaving Operations

We are seeking expressions of interest for the following Lifesaving Operations Committee (LSOC) positions. These roles are a great way to become more involved in the club’s activities and a great opportunity to further develop your own skills.

  • Vice Club Captain – Responsible for assisting with the provision of the club’s operational services, by supporting all LSOC members, the Club Captain and Junior Club Captains.
  • Patrol Manager – Responsible for managing patrol rosters and ensuring that patrols run smoothly.
  • IRB Captain – Responsible for managing all IRBs and motors.
  • First Aid Officer – Responsible for all first aid equipment and the first aid room.
  • Gear Steward – Responsible for ensuring all club equipment is looked after over the season and is ready for our upcoming gear inspection.
  • Board and Ski Captain – Responsible for all the club’s boards and skis.
  • Radio Officer – Responsible for maintenance of club radios

If you are interested in taking on one of these positions or would like to know more, please email


We are seeking expressions of interest for the following positions to assist with training this season.

Getting involved with the training side of lifesaving is a great way to build your confidence whilst passing on your experience to future generations. Not to mention it looks great on your resume, it shows future employers your leadership skills, organisation and commitment to tasks assigned to you.

Steps to become a Trainer:

  1. Express your interest and discuss expectations with your Chief Instructor
  2. Hold one of (current):
    • Training Officer Course certificate (TOC)
    • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE)
    • Diploma of VET (DIP)
  3. Ensure currency in the awards/qualifications you intend to deliver
  4. Complete training under the supervision of an accredited/authorised Trainer of the award (Minimum one course to a minimum of three candidates)
  5. Once deemed competent complete a ‘Trainer – Evidence Form (F33)’ and submit it to LSV (This step is repeated for each award the member wishes to train)
  6. Complete a ‘Trainer Assessor Facilitator Matrix D9’ for the course/s you train
  7. TOC holders must complete a supervisor meeting under the Supervision Model
  8. Confirmation you are endorsed to deliver will be communicated from LSV

Kew High School Bronze Camp
– Head Trainer (Must hold current Trainers certificate)
– Trainers
– Trainee Trainers*
– Water Safety/Assistants

Inverloch Bronze Camp
– Head Trainer (Must hold current Trainers certificate)
– Trainers
– Trainee Trainers*
– Water Safety/Assistants

Inverloch Adult Bronze Program
– Head Trainer (Must hold current Trainers certificate)
– Trainers
– Trainee Trainers*
– Water Safety/Assistants

SRC Course
– Head Trainer (Must hold current Trainers certificate)
– Trainers
– Trainee Trainers*
– Water Safety/Assistants

First Aid & ART
– Head Trainer (Must hold current Trainers certificate)
– Trainers
– Trainee Trainers*

IRB Drivers and Crew Course
– Head Trainer (Must hold current Trainers certificate)
– Trainers
– Trainee Trainers*

Skills Maintenance Trainers!!!
– If you have your Trainers please let me know if you are able to assist prior to the season commencing.

* Anyone that holds the base Training officer certificate (TOC) and wishes to obtain their Trainers Qualification.

If this is something that interests you, please reach out to Jono at

Membership & Leadership Development

To kick off the season, we need some volunteers to assist with some of the following positions:

Junior Club Captains
We are looking for a Junior Club Captain/s. This involves interacting with the junior members of the club, including nippers, encouraging inclusive behaviour and acting as a role model to make them feel welcome. Junior Club Captains work with junior members of the club to develop specific activities to keep them involved with lifesaving at Inverloch SLSC, e.g. social events, training activities, etc.

Responsibilities include:

  • Coordinate events for Rookies (newest bronze medallion holders) and SRCs.
  • Present at Bronze Camp Friday night
  • Present Rookie of the Year at Presentation Night
  • Through this role, you will be mentored by the Club Captain (Nick Perera) and the Member and Leadership Development Director (Ella Arnold).

YIP (Youth Involvement Program) Coordinator
This role aims to encourage and promote participation amongst the younger members of the club. Maintaining the “YIPs” points system following state and club developments.

Club Development Manager
In collaboration with the Membership and Leadership Development Coordinator, this role has responsibilities in line with the club culture and vision, this person will create and deliver member events and operate the patrol recognition program which endeavour to support, reward and retains members.

Responsibilities include:

  • Operating the ‘Patrol Recognition Program’.
  • Manage and organise social functions such as season launch, end-of-season function, and presentation night in collaboration with subcommittees of each event.
  • Assist with club social media platforms and communications.

Nipper Coordinator
The Nipper Coordinator role involves developing and coordinating the nipper program for the Inverloch SLSC, and as such, activities will be provided inclusively.

The role aims to develop future surf lifesavers in a positive, enriching and nurturing environment.

Nipper Committee Chair
This role will work closely with the Nipper Coordinator, including chairing the committee, ensuring all roles within the committee are filled and feeding information back to the Inverloch Board via the Membership and Leadership Development Director.

If you are interested in taking on any of the five roles above, please contact Ella at

Community Relations

This season we will be looking to facilitate further engagement of members and the broader Inverloch community with ISLSC. To assist we are seeking the following volunteers:

Communications Advisor
We are seeking a Communication Advisor to assist the Board in developing and delivering a communication strategy for ISLSC. The goal for this season is to consolidate and refine our digital communications with upgrades to the website and streamlining of social media. This role would ideally be suited to an experienced professional, however, individuals studying or starting out in marketing, PR or strategic communications should also apply.

We are also seeking individuals to form a team of ‘influencers’. You will have an opportunity to create content (Insta, FB, etc) and share in the delivery of a broader communications strategy that will strengthen the image of the club for both members and the broader community. If you are handy with a device, creative, and love your socials, this is the job for you!

If you are interested in taking on a role or are seeking further information, please contact, Ione at


I am so excited about another great year of competition. The momentum is building, and I can’t wait to see our teams bigger, better and smashing more goals. Another season brings more opportunities for the competition team to grow and increase interest. This is not possible without the key help from Team Managers and Coaches.

The following are the positions available for the upcoming season:

Team Manager x 3
One required per Team:

  • Summer Junior competition Team
  • Summer Senior Competition Team
  • Winter IRB Competition Team

The Team Manager is responsible for the logistical aspects of competition endeavours. You will work with David Morris to ensure the team is organised and ready for competition, including communicating effectively with athletes, parents and coaches.

Team Coach x 3
One required per Team:

  • Summer Junior Competition Team
  • Summer Senior Competition Team
  • Winter IRB Competition Team

The Team Coach is responsible for the learning and developing skills required for competition. You will need to hold a current LSV appropriate level qualifications for Active Membership and Level 1 coaching qualifications relevant to lifesaving. However, if you are interested in completing your coach’s qualification, please reach out as we would be happy to support you to gain the relevant qualification.

Carnival Officials
Competitions cannot run without the help of officials. Officials can participate in various activities from judging lanes, starting races, helping set up courses etc. Athletes cannot compete without a specific amount of volunteer officials from each club, so we must have enough so our teams can compete. If you are interested in acquiring your official qualification, please contact David Morris.

If you are interested in any of the six positions above, please email David at