What is Grommet Gurus?

Grommet Gurus is a mentorship program designed to assist individuals from their Surf Rescue Certificate Assessment to their first day patrolling. Grommets are paired with Gurus who are experienced lifesavers that have been patrolling for at least two seasons. This provides Grommets with an individual they can look to for assistance during their first season. In this program both Grommets and Gurus will build on leadership and patrolling skills as well as get an understanding of Lifesaving Victoria’s operational services.

Age Group Aimed at:
SRC holders. SRCs are automatically enrolled in the program when registering for their SRC course.


Grommet Guru Patrol – occurs soon after the SRC course Session 1:
Introduction/Team Bonding (December/January)
Rostered Patrol – attend rostered patrol with their Gurus Session 2:
Skill Building (online streamed – February)
Session 3:
LSV Services (online streamed – March)
Session 4:
Season Celebration (April)

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